Fill hungry bellies full of nutrition, and classrooms full of students

Education is a basic human right. But poverty is putting barriers in the way of learning for the children of the Talang Mamak indigenous community in Sumatra. School attendance rates are low, and the children are often too hungry to focus on study.    

An education opens doors - doors to better opportunities and brighter futures. With higher paid jobs, these children can go on to lift themselves and their community out of poverty for good.  

You can make the difference. Your gift will encourage children to attend school and give them the fuel they need to learn and reach their full potential. 

Will you provide a school meal today?

A nutritious meal, milk, and fruit break every day will give the children of Simerantihan Far Class Elementary School a chance. A chance to focus, learn, and succeed.

Thank you for giving them the start in life they deserve. 

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